Schloss-Kogel Wappen

Elegance & Serenity

Rooms are much more than boundaries beset by walls. When noble charm, quality, and a loving touch are put together, rooms can become an extraordinary living space. Kogl Castle, near St. Georgen by the Attersee, was built in 1750 by the princely family Khevenhüller and it still serves as a lively
and majestic residence today.
With this, we welcome you wholeheartedly.

Bürotisch mit Gemälden
Schloss-Kogl Wohnraum
Schloss-Kogl Flur


Schloss-Kogl Wandgemälde

Country Flair & Style

Although you cannot see the nearby Attersee from the castle itself, you can undoubtedly feel it. Kogl Castle resides at a distance from the hustle and bustle of the city whilst remaining comfortably close to Salzburg and the Salzkammergut vicinity, thereby offering both the excitement of an urban centre and the spirit of culturally rich relaxation. Even the gravel that forms the path through the park to the castle crunches a little more peacefully than it does in Schönbrunn.

Schloss-Kogl Tor
Schloss-Kogl Skulptur
Schloss-Kogl Eingangstür

“Personal, charming, but above all relaxed.”


Schloss-Kogl Zimmerflur
Schloss-Kogl Büro
Schloss-Kogl Waschbecken

Live & Be Amazed

The rooms in Kogl Castle are treasures in a unique way. They radiate confidently but discreetly the majesty of castle living. Down to the very last detail.


See-Salettl Terrasse
See-Salettl Außenbereich

Attersee & Summer Retreat

The lakehouse at the Attersee is a refuge in and of itself. Just a 10-minute car ride from the castle, you can find yourself sitting on a wooden porch with your feet in the water glaring into the gorgeous horizon that beckons eternity. The turquoise blue water that accompanies you, can only be found in the Attersee.


Region und Kultur

Region & culture

The gentle hills set against the backdrop of the mighty snow-capped mountain peaks which are reflected in the turquoise-blue water of the Attersee, form one of the most picturesque parts of the Austrian landscape. Stemming out of the legendary “Sommerfrische-Zeit” which evolved out of the turn of the century, a unique mixture of scenic and cultural quality is preserved and established to this day.



Schloss-Kogel Warteraum

Rental & contact

Authentic film and photo shoots, business meetings with exquisite overnight accommodation in the castle or organised hunting excursions are particularly popular at Kogl Castle. There is, of course, the unique opportunity of renting the castle as a spacious living space for several weeks.

Please contact us. We are happy to provide further information at your request.

Antonia Mayr-Melnhof